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Meanwhile, on enterprise social networks…

IT and business managers envision staffers collaborating on new products, discovering colleagues with valuable expertise, sharing sales leads and collaborating on a new product design. The reality is quite different.

Cram Session
Big data services in the cloud

Your getting started guide

A cloud-based service promises to take the trouble and expense out of launching a big data project. So why not give it a try?

This guide will help you determine which service will best fit your needs, and the kind of value it can deliver to your business.

What's inside:

  • ON POINT: Why big data analytics is a great fit for the cloud
  • THE PLAYERS: Who's who in this young and rapidly growing market
  • KEY CONSIDERATIONS: Public, private, or hybrid?
  • CHECKLIST: The first 5 questions you need to ask
  • IN PRACTICE: Marketing firm beefs up customer touch points with Google Big Query
  • WORDS OF WISDOM: Users and experts share lessons learned

To continue reading, download the ITworld Cram Session guide to big data services in the cloud