RSA adds SchlumbergerSema smart cards to SecurID

By Sam Costello, IDG News Service |  Security, Network access control

Some smart card users will now be able to use a single card to gain access to buildings and work areas, as well as log on to PCs and applications, thanks to the integration of RSA Security Inc.'s SecurID product with SchlumbergerSema's line of smart cards, which was announced Tuesday.

SecurID is a two-factor authentication system -- meaning that it requires users to have something, usually a smart card or token, and to know something, like a password or PIN -- used to securely log users on to applications or networks.

The integration will save some customers money and more fully integrate their smart card deployments, said Lina Liberti, director of product marketing at Bedford, Massachusetts, RSA. Customers will save money by offering a single smart card authentication system, rather than using two different smart card systems to provide access to physical spaces and for PC or application access as many companies do, she said. The SecurID/smart card integration will allow those users to tie their investment in the technology and infrastructures together.

The deal is the result of the increased demand for smart card technology that RSA is seeing, she said. SchlumbergerSema has a strong smart card business that will complement RSA's two-factor authentication security technology, she said.

Customers can get to work on deploying systems using SecurID and SchlumbergerSema' smart cards immediately by contacting RSA, Liberti said. Pricing for such systems will depend on user requirements and the size of the deployment, she said.

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