WorldCom: The end of a seamless dream? |  Networking

If owning seamless infrastructure is a strategy for the history books, offering seamless service remains a top priority of the large international providers, such as AT&T Corp., Equant NV, Infonet Services Corp. and BT Ignite, the data communications unit of British Telecommunications PLC.

BT Ignite, which owns 16,000 kilometers of cable, makes no secret of its reliance on other service providers, especially to provide local links. "We offer end-to-end customer service, as opposed to end-to-end seamless network ownership," said Steve Andrews, president of carrier services at BT Ignite.

But then, who knows what BT would be saying today if the company had beaten former WorldCom Chief Executive Officer Bernard Ebbers to the punch in 1997 and acquired MCI Communications Corp., or if it had succeeded with its Concert global network venture in partnership with AT&T.

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