Sommer sales: VoiceStream likely candiate |  Networking

Ron Sommer wants to keep his job as chief executive officer of Deutsche Telekom AG (DT) so badly that he is willing to abandon his American dream and consider merging or even possibly selling DT's U.S. subsidiary, VoiceStream Wireless Corp.

A deal involving VoiceStream is certain to trigger consolidation in the crowded U.S. wireless market.

On Thursday Kai-Uwe Ricke, the DT board member responsible for mobile and Internet operations, said in an interview with the Financial Times Deutschland newspaper that the German carrier is prepared to study all offers it receives and could imagine its VoiceStream subsidiary being a junior partner in a merger.

That's the first time any member of Sommer's executive team has hinted at a merger or acquisition when talking about Bellevue, Washington, VoiceStream, which DT bought last year for around

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