Deutsche Telekom not to shed IT services |  Networking

The new management team of Deutsche Telekom AG (DT) has decided against selling its IT services operations, the Financial Times reported on Friday.

At a Thursday meeting of the management board, Helmut Sihler, DT's interim chief executive officer (CEO), opted against disposals in the group's wholly-owned subsidiary T-Systems International GmbH, the newspaper reported, citing sources close to the company.

The decision suggests that Sihler is unlikely to steer away from the four-pillar strategy of his successor Ron Sommer who was ousted earlier this week. Sommer had restructured DT, Europe's largest telecommunications company, around four primary areas of business: fixed network; mobile, Internet and IT services.

The group's IT services are targeted primarily at large corporate customers seeking to integrate local and wide-area networks.

Prior to Sommer's departure, rumors had been swirling that the former CEO was mulling the sale of T-System's IT services arm, among other assets, in a bid to reduce the group's massive debt load of more than

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