Palm rolls out enterprise-class Tungstens

By Matt Berger, IDG News Service |  Hardware

The Tungsten line may face some stiff competition from the growing number of handheld makers that will be offering new models for the holiday shopping season, said Todd Kort, principal analyst with research company Gartner Inc.

Handspring Inc. Monday slashed $100 off the price of its Treo Communicator 180, a phone-PDA combination device with a black-and-white display, bringing the price to $249. Dell Computer Corp. and ViewSonic Corp. each have promised to release Pocket PC-based handhelds next month priced as low as $249.

"With a $500 price point, I think (Tungsten) is in trouble," Kort said. "Dell is going to reset the market expectations for PDA pricing.

"I think the Tungsten product was conceived during a time when Dell's entry was not anticipated," he said.

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