Sobig.C getting bigger

By Albert Leonardo, |  Security

The Sobig.C virus may only be days old but reports on Monday indicated that the latest form of the Sobig worm has already reached 84 countries.

Sobig.C, also known as w32.sobig.c@mm, is another form of the Sobig worm and arrives via e-mail, affecting users running Microsoft Corp.'s software. It is gaining notoriety for featuring a Microsoft e-mail address from the company's technology support desk and even pretends to be the founder of the company, using the address

Once executed, it will try to forward itself to any address found on the infected computer through its own simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) engine. The virus will also attempt to download Trojan-horse files from a Web site that is inactive.

While not malicious or able to destroy files, the worm specifically targets e-mail traffic. "This threat will attempt to send itself to e-mail addresses that it finds in a variety of files that it searches on your hard-drive

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