RealNetworks to unveil major European wireless deal

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In the interim, the EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution) standard, which will be deployed by some operators over existing GPRS networks, will support throughput rates of about 100K bps, Rehbehn said, adding: "Which is enough that data services start to get interesting."

"What's great about the RealNetworks technology is that you can actually get the live feed from a television station or a radio station and it's optimized for the ... limitations of the mobile phone," he said.

In a separate announcement, RealNetworks said Tuesday that its RealOne Mobile Player included with Nokia's Series 60 mobile phone software now supports playback of content streamed in the 3GPP (3G Partnership Project) media format. Previously it could only playback 3GPP content stored locally on a device. RealOne Mobile Player also supports playback and streaming of its own RealAudio and RealVideo formats.

As well as offering Series 60 in its own phones Nokia has licensed the software to Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., Siemens AG, Sendo Ltd. and Panasonic, a brand of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd.

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