Wireless LANs: Support and maintenance

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If you've already installed a WLAN system and are unhappy with the RF monitoring tools included, have a look at AirMagnet Distributed or Wildpackets' Airopeek NX. And while the whole subject of rogue (unauthorized) access point detection deserves an article of its own, one company that's achieved high visibility in this space is AirDefense.

This is such a big and important topic that we could go on for some time with it - and we will. Farpoint Group is currently developing a white paper (which is tentatively entitled "Beyond the Site Survey: RF Management for Wireless LAN Systems". In it we'll discuss the RF channel in more detail, traditional and evolving tools for managing the RF component of a WLAN system, and other considerations that network managers need to be aware of. We'll post it here soon - stay tuned.

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