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Hotspots - public WLAN access points - are hot. They're located in cafes, bookstores, and airports; some are free and some charge users. Should you be setting up a hotspot for your customers? These links will give you a feel for the market, outlining industry trends and pointing out some of the benefits and pitfalls of adding WLAN access to your business.

Analyst Briefing: Why hotspots survive and prosper

Type: Webcast


Give your customers a wireless connection

Type: Feature

Source: Mobile Business Advisor

Expert: Businesses must look before leaping into Wi-Fi

Type: Feature


Broadband wireless access point buyer's guide

Type: Resource


Public wireless LAN for mobile operators

Type: White paper

Source: Alcatel

Setting up a real-world hotspot

Type: Case study

Source: Wi-Fi Planet

WLAN hotspot best practices for security

Type: Feature

Source: @stake

How hot are hotspots?

Type: News

Source: Ottawa Business Journal

Report: Free hotspots restrict revenue for Wi-Fi service providers

Type: News

Source: Wireless Developer Network

Report: Wi-Fi spots to mushroom 'round globe

Type: News

Source: ZDNet

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