Tracing your Internet presence: A management guide to securing your IP space |  Security

Your organization's network has a "footprint" in IP space, defined by the machines you control and the IP addresses you own. Assessing that footprint is often the first step that an attacker takes in an attempt to compromise your network. These links will help you secure your own IP space - by keeping all your patches up to date, by finding forgotten and unpatched machines lurking in the odd corners of your networks, and by securing your DNS records against attack.

Assessing Internet security risk

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Source: SecurityFocus

Google: Net hacker tool du jour

Type: Feature

Source: Wired

Defense in depth for DNS

Type: Research

Source: SANS Institute

Building an Internet presence with servers

Type: Tutorial

Source: ServerWatch

How Mugsy plans a cyber-heist

Type: Feature

Source: WatchGuard

Hack-proofing Oracle9iAS

Type: Feature

Source: Oracle Technical Network

Know your network: How vulnerable are you?

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Learn how to scan for security flaws with Nessus

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Source: TechRepublic

Visionael tool helps prioritize network bugs

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Use LANguard to scan and audit network security

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Source: TechRepublic

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