Nokia plans new, lighter version of Communicator

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The handset can also support BlackBerry Connect, though it is not included in the basic sales package, and support for the BlackBerry is patchy among European mobile operators. Nokia has been offering some handsets with the BlackBerry feature in Europe since March, and in the North American region since June.

What the Communicator 9300 will not come with is integrated Wi-Fi or a built-in digital camera. In July, both HP and Motorola introduced mobile devices that function as voice-over-Internet Protocol (VOIP) phones on Wi-Fi wireless LANs and as cellular phones over GSM networks.

"With the Communicator 9300 we focused on the design and on the form factor, and felt that we had to give up something in order to achieve our goals. That's where the Communicator 9500 comes in," Matthews said.

The 9500, which had been announced previously and was described in more detail Wednesday, will come with integrated Wi-Fi and a camera, but will weigh about 220g. That compares with 145g for the Motorola CN620 and 190g for HP's iPAQ h6315. It will be released in Europe and Asia beginning in November and in the Americas in the first quarter of 2005, with a estimated price of €800 (US$968) before subsidies by mobile service providers.

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