Why UWB needs Bluetooth

By Peter Judge, Techworld.com |  Mobile & Wireless

This week's announcement that Bluetooth is going to adopt ultra-wide band as a connection method was certainly a good move for Bluetooth.

What many people missed is just what a huge help it will be to UWB - in all the areas where the ultra-fast wireless technology is having difficulty. Anyone who thinks otherwise is working from ignorance of Bluetooth - or just not thinking.

Let's get real on Bluetooth

A lot of U.S. "experts" appear to know rather little about Bluetooth. Gartner analyst Ken Dulaney, for one, apparently told IDG News Service that Bluetooth has not had interoperability testing. This would be news to anyone who has, like Techworld staff, been to any of the Bluetooth SIG's Unplugfests.

U.S. observers also tend to miss the fact that Bluetooth is in millions of handsets worldwide, too, because many of those handsets are GSM devices, used in Europe. Bluetooth has been shipping millions of units a week since 2003, and its omnipresence in mobile phones is something that US observers don't rate highly.

"While [Bluetooth] may have brand recognition, the brand doesn

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