Swsoft adds Itanium support to virtualization software

By Manek Dubash, Techworld.com |  Virtualization

SWsoft has announced that its Virtuozzo for Linux server virtualization software now supports Itanium. In the process, it claimed to be the first product to offer Itanium-based virtualization as both host and guest.

The company claimed that each of its virtual machines -- dubbed virtual private servers (VPS) -- comes with quality of service guarantees and the ability to automatically scale to the full server, based on resource requirements.

The product creates multiple isolated VPSes on a single physical server, enabling each to perform and execute exactly like a stand-alone server. This means OS-level virtualization, unlike other hardware emulation approaches to virtualization, the company said.

Claimed benefits include:

- High Performance: Efficient technology with near-zero overhead;

- Expansive Hardware and Software Support: Complete platform parity and interaction with existing OS and hardware; supports native 32 and 64-bit systems, 16-CPU SMP support and 64GB of RAM;

- Unmatched Scalability and Density: A single physical server can house tens or hundreds of VPSs with each VPS scaling up to the full capacity of the server;

- Complete Isolation: Each VPS is isolated for maximum security; one VPS cannot affect another VPS on the same server;

- Robust Resource Management: Control over CPU, memory, disk and network input/output;

- High Availability: Migrate VPS(es) from one server to another with minimal downtime;

- Powerful Toolsets: Self management of large and potentially remote groups of servers and VPSs;

- Open Architecture and API: Built on industry standards and ready for third party developers, ISVs and OEMs;

- Rapid return on investment: Lower hardware, software and management costs minimizes total cost of ownership.

Company CEO Serguei Beloussov said: "Our support of the Itanium processor distinguishes Virtuozzo from other server virtualization technologies because we provide complete 64-bit support. While hardware emulation companies only offer host-level support, Virtuozzo fully utilizes the computing power of 64-bit Itanium-based servers."

"SWsoft has created a server virtualization and resource management solution for high-end computing that takes advantage of the power of Intel Itanium processor

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