Cassatt extends virtualization managment software

By Shelley Solheim, IDG News Service |  Storage

Virtualization software startup Cassatt Corp. Monday launched new software to help manage virtual machines from EMC Corp. subsidiary VMware Inc., Microsoft Corp. and the Xen open-source project.

As businesses look to virtualization to consolidate applications onto fewer servers, the need to respond quickly to failures or spikes in network traffic becomes more critical, Cassatt said.

Cassatt's new Collage Cross-Virtualization Manager, or Collage XVM, is designed to automate software deployment and response to load spikes and failures on both virtual and physical servers.

Collage XVM sits on top of Cassatt's Collage software platform, which creates a virtual pool of application resources and automatically matches up applications to resources based on service-level agreements. It is a complement to the company's recently released Collage Web Automation Module (WAM) server virtualization software tailored for J2EE (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition) applications.

Collage XVM with support for VMware is available now, and the company will extend support for Xen in June and Microsoft Virtual Server in the second quarter. The XVM software costs US$1,250 per physical node. Pricing for the Collage platform starts at $100,000 for a 40-node environment, and the WAM module adds an additional $5,000 per node.

Cassatt, was founded in 2003 by former BEA Systems chief Bill Coleman, has about 100 employees. The company says it has a "handful" of customers.

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