Ticketmaster offers ticket buyers free iTunes songs

By Steven Schwankert, IDG News Service |  Business

Camping out for concert tickets has never been less attractive. With sales for summer concerts about to begin, IAC/Interactive Corp.'s Ticketmaster ticketing service will give free music from Apple's iTunes Music Store to everyone who purchases event tickets at its Web site, Ticketmaster said Wednesday.

For each ticket purchased from Ticketmaster.com, the buyer will receive one free song of his or her choice from iTunes. Also, fans who pre-order albums from certain artists via iTunes will be authorized to buy concert tickets for that artist's tour dates on Ticketmaster.com, before they are available to the general public.

Ticket buyers will also received a free digital music sampler from iTunes. The two companies are also teaming for gift cards that can be used to purchase tickets via Ticketmaster.com, music from iTunes, or both, available later this year, although they did not specify when. Those gift cards will be sold via Target Brands Inc.'s Target stores.

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