Study places value on sensitive data stored in laptops

By Al Sacco, CIO |  Security

Most travelers carry little or no business information
on their laptops, but the ones who do store an average of US$525,000 worth of
sensitive data, according to a survey contracted by iBahn, a provider of secure
broadband services to some 2,100 hotels and conference centers in 22 countries.

Additional noteworthy findings include:

-- The average value of personal information on travelers' laptop computers
is $330,000

-- Forty percent of respondents access the Web via an open, or unsecured Wi-Fi
connection in any given month, be it public or another person's personal network

-- Thirty-nine percent of respondents have experienced some form of computer
malware, virus, theft, etc. in a business setting

-- Only thirty-two percent of study participants said the Wi-Fi connections
they employ to access the Internet in hotels or conference centers are "somewhat"
or "highly secure."

The iBahn study was conducted by FGI Research from April 5 to April 16, 2007.
Four hundred and ninety-one participants contributed to the report, all of whom
use a laptop or PDA and stay at least one night in a hotel monthly. About 18
percent of respondents were managers. FGI Research used its SmartPanel to assemble
the "most representative sample possible."

More information on iBahn and FGI Research's SmartPanel can be found on the
companies' websites.

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