Apple's plans for Mac OS X Lion, iOS 5 -- and iCloud

At its developer conference, CEO Steve Jobs reveals what's next for its desktop and mobile OSes, plus previews its new cloud service

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Mac OS X Lion Server is also to be made an optional install of Mac OS X Lion, no longer a separate product. Furthermore, Lion Server will add the ability to create configuration profiles for both Macs and iOS devices that can be delivered to users over the air.

Apple has said that Lion will ship "this summer," but has not yet specified a release date.

The next iOS: 5Almost nothing is known about the forthcoming iOS 5, as Apple has been very tight-lipped about what it might offer or when it might ship. Speculation in the blogosphere has been consistent that the new iOS won't ship until fall, when an update to the iPhone 4 is also expected. But speculation as to what iOS 5 might offer has been all over the map, with the most persistent reports (wish lists?) that it would enable over-the-air OS updates rather than require updating via iTunes on a PC or Mac and that it might support at least some Android-style widgets on the home screen.

The next MobileMe and iTunes: iCloudVery little beyond the name is known about the iCloud service Apple said last week that it would reveal at WWDC. There have been consistent reports that Apple has been signing deals with the major music labels to allow over-the-air music delivery, so many believe that iCloud will be a cloud-based version of the iTunes music service. But others speculate that iCloud will succeed Apple's $99-per-year MobileMe service, which provides online storage and cloud-based syncing of and access to contacts, email, and calendars. There's no reason that iCloud couldn't merge the two, becoming the user's online digital hub.

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