Qantas flies with Akamai for website performance

By Georgina Swan, CIO Australia |  IT Management, Akamai, cdn

"The more functionality we put in, the more it will become an issue for us; it is challenging to get Akamai working well in a test environment because it is, by its nature, an Internet entity," Tate says.

In the end, the decision will be based on value and the ability to service customers.

  • Minimise capital expenses for short- and long-term infrastructure investments.
  • Improve performance -- best possible performance for customers regardless of location.
  • Ensure uptime -- the solution must be able to deliver the site without fail.

The solutions

  • Akamai Web Application Accelerator
  • Akamai Media Delivery
  • Site failover
  • Content targeting
  • Amadeus transaction processing

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