5 reasons to get excited about Windows Phone 7 Mango

The Windows Phone 7 Mango update, due out soon, looks enticing.

By Ginny Mies, PC World |  Software, Microsoft, Windows Phone

One Samsung-made device has already put in an appearance, but its name, specs, and date of availability remain unconfirmed. At Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference, the company showed off a Samsung phone rumored to be the SGH-i937, which supposedly is the WP7 version of its Galaxy S II phones.

Other partners include Acer, ZTE, and (of course) the long-awaited Nokia phones. Nokia partnered with Microsoft to launch Windows Phone 7 smartphones back in February. Unfortunately, none of the rumored WP7 phones will connect to a 4G network. When I met with Microsoft in June, its product managers told me that though they were interested in 4G technology, all models in this next generation of phones will be 3G.

Bing Gets Fun (and More Useful)

The Bing search engine makeover is definitely my favorite enhancement in Mango. One example is Local Scout, which uses GPS to recognize where you are and then provides you with hyperlocal search results based on your preferences. If you want to find a restaurant, Local Scout will list restaurants in the Eat+Drink guide that lie within a 25-mile radius of your current location.

Another cool and useful feature in Bing is Music search. Hold your phone up to a speaker, and Bing will identify the track that's playing and give you information about the artist, the song, and where to buy it--sort of like Shazam on iOS and Android.

Visual search resembles Google Goggles somewhat, except that it's built into the Windows Phone platform. Say you're in a bookstore, you see a book, and you want to know more about it. If you point your phone's camera at the book's cover, Bing will only search for reviews, prices, and more information about the book.

Better Entertainment Experience

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