BlackBerry outages continue; hit Europe, Middle East and Asia

12-hour outage on Monday followed by another today

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Some mobile operators in Europe had taken note of the RIM problems Monday, including T-Mobile in the UK which issued an advisory to its customers using BlackBerry devices: "Over the past 24 hours, BlackBerry products have experienced a number of problems with email, internet and messaging services. This is due to a European-wide outage on the BlackBerry network run by BlackBerry's manufacturer RIM, which is affecting all mobile operators. RIM has apologised for the interruption to services and said it's working to restore normal operations. They have committed to provide further updates. If you have further concerns, please contact RIM directly via their website,"

While that T-Mobile advisory referred users to the RIM site, nothing appeared on RIM's Web site explaining the situation.

While the outage has affected BIS customers of Blackberry Internet Service, customers using BlackBerry devices connected to BlackBerry Enterprise Server inside of their companies may not have been affected.

An editor for the IDG News Service in Paris said his BlackBerry functioned fine on Monday. His device connects through a BES server located in the news service's Boston office, he said. However, that same editor said he lost BlackBerry email service after about 2 p.m. Tuesday Paris time (8 a.m. ET).

IDG News Service reporter Mikael Ricknas contributed to this story.

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