How to get the most from your 3D HDTV

You can perform a few simple tricks to optimize your 3D HDTV viewing.

By Timothy Seppala, PC World |  Personal Tech, 3D TV, HDTV

During our testing, we found that setting the depth intensity of most 3D games between 0 and 5% kept crosstalk at a minimum without sacrificing much of the depth effect. That may not be the best setting for you, depending on the kind of 3D display you own and your own personal comfort zone, so make sure to fiddle around with the 3D settings in your games and movies to find the perfect fit.

A final note: Most 3D HDTVs have a specific set of menu options for 3D adjustment that range beyond simple depth intensity sliders; don't be afraid to poke around in there. For example, during testing we discovered a few settings on our Panasonic GT25 plasma that dramatically improved every 3D game we played, something we hadn't encountered before despite having owned the 3D HDTV for nearly a year.

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