10 questions for Lancope CFO and COO David Cocchiara

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I prefer to have them tell me about their style because I want people to be their own boss and I'll be around as a resource. I like to ask people to give examples of some successes they've had and challenges they tackled on their own and one where they had to enlist help. Based on their answers, I can determine if they have the same approach that I have to problem-solving and if they are self-motivated.

As we're growing and we have more people with a little more experience in years, they may be willing to go back to a small company from a larger company, but what are their expectations in terms of operational support? Do they think they're not going to have to make copies? Or if they're a sales guy are they capable of making cold calls themselves or will they wait for someone to hand them the lead? If they give any indication that they aren't a roll-up-their-sleeves type, that's a big red flag for a company like ours.

8. What is it about your current job, at this particular company, that sets it apart from other chief finance positions?

I often get comments internally and externally that I don't seem like the typical CFO. I'm fortunate that throughout my 10 years at Lancope, I've been afforded opportunities to expand my horizons and focus on corporate development, drive partner acquisition, contribute to strategic product direction, etcetera. I like being involved in so many different aspects of the company. It definitely keeps me busy with less time spent on typical CFO responsibilities, and that's why a great supporting team is critical for success.

9. What do you do to unwind from a hectic day?

I have a wonderful family. Even on the most hectic days, my two boys will find a way to quickly whisk me away from the stresses of the workday. Then suddenly it's past bedtime and you're back to work.

I also love to play tennis and will spend a couple evenings a week outdoors taking any stress out on that helpless fuzzy ball.

10. If you weren't doing this job, what would you be doing?

I'd love to be a professional athlete. But seriously, I'd look for an opportunity or career that is as rewarding, challenging and creative as my time at Lancope. And I wouldn't mind traveling the world.

Given that I have truly enjoyed leading new hire training and mentoring upward professionals, I've contemplated a career as a teacher, whether grade school or university.

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