Mobile application management (MAM) has put MDM in its place

By Alan Murray, senior vice president, products, Apperian Inc., Network World |  Application Management, mobile application management, Mobile Device Management

Plus, MAM solves other challenges for IT. It vastly simplifies apps installation, updates, and lifecycle management; its support of cloud computing offers instant scalability and elasticity. It offers a unified approach to developing and managing apps on Apple iOS, Android and BlackBerry device platforms.

MAM is suited to all three use cases we see developing in enterprise mobility -- BYOD "knowledge workers," kiosk-based environments and company-issued field devices. In some cases, the latter two uses may require some of the additional security and control features that are part of MDM, which a comprehensive MAM solution will offer.

But, in any case, users -- not devices -- should be the center of the business IT universe. Their iPad or smartphone and the apps they use empower and liberate them to do their jobs better and faster. In a real sense, knowledge workers have become artisans who uniquely apply their own tools to solve problems, make decisions, or close deals -- creatively and flexibly.

The device is a means to an end, not the end in itself. That end is the mobile user and their productivity -- and that's why mobile application management has eclipsed MDM.

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