10 questions for The Children's Center CFO Michael Miligan

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And the other one is the new federal health legislation and what that means for us. There is a large amount of uncertainty surrounding the law right now, which makes it challenging to deal with. We're just trying to put ourselves in a good position and be ready to react. We do have some plans in place, but it's very difficult to make sure you're doing what you need to do to ensure the long-term success of the hospital.

4. What is a good day at work like for you?

A good day for me is when I get to meet with the several teams I oversee and we work on problems they're having or try to move some roadblocks they're dealing with, and then I have the opportunity to walk through the facility, to see the caregivers in the rehab gym or in the units working with the kids.

To me, that's extremely motivating, it's uplifting, it's inspiring. To be able to help them do that work -- anything I can do to help them, that's why I'm here.

Just seeing the gains a child can make, even the small gains, and how excited the staff and the families get when they reach those milestones, to know you're a part of that is extremely fulfilling.

5. How would you characterize your management style?

Very positive, team-oriented, very much a problem solver. We want to find the best solution we can as a team. I want the different folks who are involved, the different stakeholders, to bring their opinions and feel like they are being heard.

6. What strengths and qualities do you look for in job candidates?

I'm looking for people who are going to be hard working, who work well with others, who have a positive attitude and a commitment to excellence, and, especially, I look for someone who has a heart for the mission of working with the children here.

We have people who work here who really become invested and go the extra mile for the kids, and that's who we're looking for, is people who really have a heart for that.

7. What are some of your favorite interview questions or techniques to elicit information to determine whether a candidate will be successful at your company? What sort of answers send up red flags for you and make you think a job candidate wouldn't be a good fit?

There are two that I always like to ask; both are open-ended questions. The first one I like to ask is what are their interests. Everyone is going to have technical knowledge, so I want to know what they like to do in their free time, what really drives them. And then I like to ask what are some of the influential experiences and people in their lives who have influenced them.

People are sometimes caught a little off guard by that [approach to questions] and that's OK.

The answers that are red flags are when the candidate seems like they may not be very flexible. Flexibility is key. Working here you have to be willing to change and adapt to different circumstances.

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