Intuit announces free payroll app for small businesses

Exclusive to PCWorld: Intuit Snap Payroll for iOS devices calculate wages, tax withholdings, and net payroll.

By Michael Brown, PC World |  Business, Business, intuit

Intuit will announce on July 12, the availability of a new, free app aimed at small business owners who don't
use accounting software or
payroll services
. Snap Payroll, available for the Apple iPhone and iPad, will calculate an employee's net pay
based on his or her hourly wage and hours worked, taking into account the appropriate withholding for state and
federal income taxes.

Intuit claims to be one of the largest payroll processing services in the U.S., handling paychecks for more than
one million employees. But Snap Payroll doesn't currently tie into any of Intuit's other accounting packages, and
the employer is expected to prepare each payroll check manually.

In addition to calculating employee paychecks, Snap Payroll will inform the user as to all the tax-related forms
the government requires, and it can email those documents to the employer.

While Snap Payroll is designed only to simplify the accurate computation of earned wages and income tax
withholding, it could help small business owners avoid running afoul of the IRS if used correctly. According to the
U.S. Chamber of Commerce, one of every three businesses pays a penalty for payroll calculation
errors each year.

"We interviewed a lot of small business owners to determine their needs," said Colin Roper, product manager of
Intuit's Mobile Operations unit. "Some of them are brand new employers who aren't sure how to handle payroll, and
some have just one or two employees to pay. We discovered that our existing payroll products--Intuit Payroll and
even QuickBooks--were just more than what they needed."

Intuit's conventional
payroll products
range in price from $9 to $99 per month, depending on whether the business owner uses Intuit's
QuickBooks accounting software ($12.95 per month for the online version; $230 and up for the boxed versions), the
number of employees to be accounted for, and the level of service that Intuit provides. Other payroll services cost
as much or more.

Snap Payroll currently supports businesses operating in 12 states: Alaska, California, Florida, Illinois,
Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming. Intuit expects to add
more states in the coming months.

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