Acclivity AccountEdge Pro 2012 for Windows: A friendly accounting program for relatively inexperienced business users

High-profile competitors make you choose between different versions, AccountEdge Pro keeps things simple.

By Yardena Arar , PC World |  Software, accounting software

Once setup is complete, AccountEdge's newly redesigned interface presents a fairly standard lineup of sections (which it calls Command Centers) in tabular form, with bright blue rectangular buttons instead of plain text links leading to ledgers and forms. On the right, a new sidebar holds links to recently accessed features, features that you've designated as favorites, and a full array of help resources.

The program's redesign includes additional navigation aides at the bottom of each command center in the form of buttons for a to-do list, searching transactions, reports, analyses, syncing data, and lists. Other new features in 2012 include support for mileage tracking and multiple blling rates.

Businesses that send employees into the field will appreciate AccountEdge Pro's free iPhone/iPad app--something other packages don't offer--for entering sales, expenses, activity slips (to record time billing while in the field), and contact info, and then syncing it all with the desktop software. To encourage adoption, Acclivity also offers to give a customer's accountant a free copy of AccountEdge Pro.

Overall, AccountEdge Pro 2012 is an attractive, full-featured package that neatly balances ease of use and exposition of (and instruction for) its accounting underpinnings. It's also a bargain for businesses that want support for multiple simultaneous users.

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