Windows Phone 7.8: Leaked document details missing features

Microsoft has been silent on what will be missing in Windows Phone 7.8, but a document attributed to Nokia offers some clues.

By John P. Mello Jr., PC World |  Consumerization of IT, Nokia, Windows Phone

That's the case with Windows Phone 7. A recent report from Nielsen, for example, pegged WP7's market share in the United States at 1.7%, even below the 4.1% of the Windows Mobile OS that preceded it. Worse yet, only 600,000 of the four million Windows Phone handsets sold worldwide by Nokia were sold in North America.

Windows Phone 8 devices are expected to start appearing on the shelves next month, reportedly a week before all smartphone news is saturated with the typical buzzstorm that surrounds the introduction of a new iPhone, slated to be unveiled around Sept. 12.

Making matters worse for Windows Phone 7 users is that WP8 won't be backward compatible. Windows Phone 7's swan song, WP7.8, will contain some cosmetic changes to give it some visual similarities to WP8, but that's it.

Windows Phone 7 has been around for roughly a year. Being sent to the dustbin of obsolescence after such a short period of time isn't going to sit well with many of the Microsoft faithful. However, Redmond is pledging to do better with WP8. It's pledging at least 18 months of support for the new mobile OS, which is still six months short of the typical two-year contract offered by the major carriers.

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