For a beginner-friendly distro, try Linux Lite 1.0.0

Based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, this brand-new distribution uses the lightweight Xfce desktop and offers five years of support.

By Katherine Noyes, PC World |  Software, Linux, Linux Lite

3. A battery of apps

Among the many apps bundled in Linux Lite are GParted, LibreOffice Writer, LibreOffice Calc, Firefox, Thunderbird for email, GIMP, the XFBurn CD/DVD burner, the VLC Media Player, OpenJDK Java v6, Mumble Voice Chat, the XChat IRC Client, the Leafpad Text Editor, and Xarchiver. Many more packages can be installed in one click by going to Menu, System, and Install Additional Software.

4. Easy Updates

Aiming to make system updates something that can be accomplished in a single click, Linux Lite lets users simply choose Menu and then Install Updates.

5. Help with Drivers

Because installing drivers can be an issue particularly for those coming from the Windows environment, Linux Lite offers a simple solution: Menu, Settings, and then Install Drivers.

Linux Lite is now available as a free download in a 32-bit version with PAE support; a 64-bit version may come in the future, the project says. If you decide to give this new distro a try, please leave your reactions in the comments.

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