Master Windows 8 gesture commands

Get more done in less time on your desktop or tablet by mastering Windows 8 touch controls and their keyboard/mouse equivalents.

By Alex Wawro, PC World |  Windows, windows 8

There are actually a few ways to move and organize your files in Windows 8. If you have a touchscreen handy, tap and hold an object in Windows 8 (like the live tiles in the Start screen, for example) to move it around and reorganize folders or menus. If you're using a mouse and keyboard you can move files and folders around in the Desktop app with the File Explorer utilty, just like every other version of Windows. If you need to shuffle things around in the Windows Start screen or a Windows 8 app, simply left-click on an object, then hold and drag it to reorganize your apps, files and folders. Use the mouse wheel to quickly scroll through lists while doing so.

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