Big data the NASA way

Chris Mattmann, a senior computer scientist at the NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratories will be speaking at the ITEX conference next week

By Sarah Putt, Computerworld New Zealand |  Big Data, NASA

He grew up playing video games, but it wasn't until his last year at high school when working on the student Yearbook that he worked with Adobe Illustrator and decided he needed to understand more about computers. So he followed some of his friends into the computer science department at college.

"I have no secret to being successful at computer science other than hard work and then sticking my head in the books and deciding I was going to do well," Mattmann says.

At the ITEX conference Mattmann will talk about his work with the Square Kilometre Array project. The $1.9 billion project will be split between an Australia-New Zealand consortium and a consortium of African nations led by South Africa.

This means New Zealand has been left on the outer edge of the project, but Mattmann says there is plenty for New Zealanders to be fascinated about.

He's been working with the South African team on the data processing side, "figuring out how to leverage NASA technology and open source data management technology."

"Some of the requirements of SKA make it mind boggling," he says.

"The 700 terabytes of data per second and how to prepare ourselves for the next decade through the use of data systems, software architecture design, and open source. How to be able to handle that data deluge."

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