AT&T still at bottom of Consumer Reports rankings, but boasts best 4G network

In the annual rankings of major U.S. cellphone carriers, Verizon Wireless retained the top spot while AT&T once again brought up the rear

By Caitlin McGarry, PC World |  Mobile & Wireless, 4G wireless, AT&T

Some smaller carriers that scored respectably in our ratings and offer low-priced plans, such as Straight Talk and Virgin Mobile, now offer fairly sophisticated smartphones, Consumer Reports electronics editor Paul Reynolds said in a statement announcing the survey results, which appear in the January 2013 issue of the magazine. And you can even save by switching a phone from a major carrier thats coming off contract to a pre-paid plan.

Many smartphone users worry that the high upfront cost of buying a top-of-the-line phone without a contract will negate any savings from going with a lower-priced carrier, but that might not be the case.

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