Holiday guide: How to buy Apple gear, affordably

By Joel Mathis, Macworld |  Personal Tech, Apple, iPhone


Frankly, if you were buying for this years holiday, this is an option you probably shouldve considered several months ago, so consider this more of a heads-up for next year.

And truth be told, not every Apple-selling retailer has a layaway program. Walmart and Best Buy do; Target does not. Youll generally have to put money down ahead of timeas much as 25% of the sale pricethen make monthly payments until the device is paid for, after which its retrieved from storage and you can give it as a gift.

Pros: You dont need all the money now for your device, and you wont have to go into debt to get it.

Cons: Waiting.

Other options

There are other ways to buy that iPad for cheap this Christmas. There are independent retailers of used devicesboth online and offthat dont have Apple certification or affiliation with a name brand such as eBay: Check with Better Business Bureau before buying from them, however. Theres always Craigslist, but theres no guarantee that youll get a quality machine, much less that you wont get robbed when you show up with hundreds of dollars in cash to buy an iPad from a stranger. If all else fails, Google the exact product you want: You might be surprised what deals turn up.

If none of these options appeal to you, theres always buying new from Apple itself. If you finance the purchase through Apple, you canbut wont necessarilyqualify for limited-time interest-free financing on your purchase. That wont make the iPad mini any cheaper, but parceling out the payment over six months instead of in one lump sum might make it more affordable.

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