iPad mini vs. Nexus 7: The debate

By Christopher Breen and Melissa J. Perenson, Macworld |  Consumerization of IT, Google Nexus 7, ipad mini

MP: Its true to say that Apples tablet ecosystem has a wider app selection -- and in many cases, better apps, though both sides have a fair amount of garbage in their respective app stores. The trick is finding apps on Android that aren't just blown up from the phone to the tablet. Find those, however, and you'll discover many apps that provide a high-quality, satisfying experience.

Google's own moviemaking app is a work in progress, but its a step in the right direction. And in my experience Google's own Gallery app -- with built-in editing, the ability to move files around, and a view of your images metadata -- is infinitely better and more functional than the Photos app in iOS. Google at least has a straightforward file system, something Apple lacks, and that makes using and manipulating files far easier.

Pricing and value

CB: At $249 for the 32GB Wi-Fi model and $299 for the same model with cellular connectivity (compared with the iPad mini, at $429 and $559 respectively for the 32GB models), the Nexus 7 wins on price. But you make some sacrifices: no rear-facing camera, no LTE, no video-out, a smaller display than on the iPad mini.

MP: I agree, I think the Nexus 7 is the far better value. The difference is still quite clearly in favor of the Nexus 7 when you consider the 16GB models: $199 for the Nexus 7, versus $329 for the iPad mini.

The bottom line

CB: I have both a Nexus 7 and an iPad mini. I pick up the Nexus more often than the mini when I want to read, despite the more confining screen, because I find its display easier on my eyes. For everything else, its the iPad mini, largely because it just makes sense, from hardware to software. If the mini had a Retina display, the Nexus would be relegated to the sock drawer.

MP: I find it impossible to recommend the iPad mini, except for two sets of shoppers: people who want an iPad because of the brands cachet or those who want one because they're already committed to the Apple ecosystem, and in both cases want the least-expensive model they can buy.

Otherwise, to me the Nexus 7 is superior to the iPad mini. Its display is better, I can find most of the apps I want or need on Android, and I prefer the open flexibility of the Android ecosystem.

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