FCC urges FAA: Let passengers run gadgets during takeoff

The FCC weighed in on an FAA request for comments about its policy requiring passengers to stow mobile devices during takeoff and landing

By Jared Newman, PC World |  Mobile & Wireless, FAA, FCC

That sounds like great news for travelers, but this is the government after all, so don't expect a quick change in policy. The FAA hasn't provided any updates on its plans in the last three months, even though it was supposed to formally establish a working group this fall. Once the group is formed, it'll still take six months to go over the rules, and probably even longer to implement any changes.

But as pressure to change the rules increases--even from within the U.S. government--the FAA won't be able to drag its feet forever. Let's hope this is the beginning of the end of stowing away our gadgets during takeoff and landing.

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