Best high-tech holiday light shows of 2012

These are the best holiday light displays of 2012.

By Chris Hoffman, PC World |  Hardware, Christmas

For most of us, the holidays are a time to relax with family. For the more awesome among us, however, the holidays are a time to break out miles of electrical wiring, string up tens of thousands of lights, jump on one's PC, and spend weeks programming a light showpulsing to the beat of the hippest pop song of the year, of course.

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PCWorld salutes the people who went all-out this holiday season, slaving over LEDs and Light-O-Rama controller boxes for hundreds of hours. Here are some of the most awesome holiday light shows of 2012.

Oppa Gangnam style

NVIDIA engineer John Storms is the model of dedication to the holiday spirit. He specifically purchased an isolated house with no neighbors across the street just so he could create light shows of eye-popping intensity. And Storms even paid professionals to put up lights more than 15 feet off the ground.

Software from Light-O-Rama choreographs the lights, which are energy-efficient LEDs that only cost $15 to run for the entirety of November and December. Storms' selection of ear-pleasing tunesalong with the more dubiously ear-pleasing "Gangnam Style"are transmitted via a small FM transmitter, allowing people driving by to listen to the music inside their cars without annoying the neighbors.

Perhaps more impressively, Storms made a point of spreading the holiday cheer in the form of a companion YouTube video that gives a behind-the-scenes look at his amazing light showjust in case you want to rig up a memorable display of your own.

Dubstep Christmas 2012

Besides "Gangnam Style," what other musical sensation of 2012 would work great as the soundtrack for a holiday lights display? If you answered dubstep, youre correct! (Sorry, friends of ringing sleigh bells. Epic bass drops just go better with flashing lights.)

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