1Password for iOS keeps your digital life safe

By Marco Tabini, Macworld |  Security, iOS apps, mobile apps

All your data is protected by strong encryption and can only be unlocked by a single password that you choose when you first set up the app; this makes it both very easy for you to carry all sorts of important information wherever you go, and very hard for anyone else to access it should your mobile device ever become lost or stolen.

1Password also employs a number of measures to keep your data safe. For example, even as you browse through your saved items, all sensitive information is discretely blanked out to prevent someone from shoulder-surfing their way into your secrets. You can, of course, easily reveal a particular piece of data by tapping on it, and just as easily copy it to the pasteboard, but the rest remains safely hidden until needed.

You can also set the app to automatically lock your data vault as soon as you leave 1Password, as well as after a certain amount of idle time, so that, should your device end up in ill-intentioned hands without your permission, they won't be able to access all your passwords just because you forgot to exit the app. Finally, 1Password also offers to automatically clear out your pasteboard after a set period of time, so that other apps don't have a chance to read your private data without you knowing.

And, if you find the default settings a little too paranoid for your taste, you'll be happy to know that you can easily change them to suit your needs.


One of 1Password's strong suits has always been the ability to synchronize your data across multiple devices, and its latest release does not disappoint, with support for both manual sync through iTunes, as well as automatic sync through either Dropbox or iCloud.

There is little to be said here, other than the sync feature really just works. In my tests, both with a completely new data file and with my existing vault, the process worked flawlessly on the first try, and changes propagated from one device to all my others in record time.

One thing that has been removed from this version is the ability to sync locally over Wi-Fi. This seems to have disappointed a number of users, and is the source of much angst in App Store reviews of the software, but I think it was the right move. Wi-Fi sync was a little too finicky, easily broken, and inherently less redundant than cloud-based solutions. For my part, I am happy to know that, if my house goes up in flames alongside all my electronic devices, my digital vault won't go with it.

Strong password generator

An often-forgotten feature of 1Password is its strong password generator, which can be used to create--and store--passwords made up of pseudorandom characters; these are much harder to crack than anything a human could come up with, and can therefore improve the security of your logins dramatically.

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