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Since Apples native map app still has some flaws to work around, consider adding another map tool to your app collection. Google Maps for iPhone (free in the App Store) is a very good mapping application that returns some much-missed features to the platform. Before the launch of iOS 6, Google Maps used to be the iPhones default map app; now users must install it separately. Launch Google Maps and tap the arrow in the bottom-left corner to find your location, and then navigate through the map using the familiar swipe, pinch-to-zoom, and two-finger rotate gestures you use in countless other apps. Type in an address or landmark in the Search bar at the top of the screen to find and get directions to that location. You can show traffic, or you can view the map in a traditional view, in a satellite view, or through Google Earth (if you have that app installed). Another beloved feature is the option to get directions for driving, walking, or public transit, which is a real lifesaver when youre exploring unfamiliar territory.


When it comes to taking quality iPhone photos, theres no bigger name than Camera+ ($1 in the App Store)and for good reason. Camera+ helps you make the most of your iPhones built-in camera, giving you even more reasons to ditch your stand-alone point-and-shoot. The app features four shooting modes as well as separate exposure and focus locks; it also lets you use the iPhones flash as a continuous light source to brighten a scene. But what makes Camera+ so addictive are its simple and effective editing options: You can immediately enhance your images by choosing photo scenes (such as Food or Portrait), cropping, adding borders, and trying out fun retro effects.


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