How companies keep us buying new stuff, and how to recycle the rest

It's okay to crave new gadgets, just ditch the old gear responsibly.

By Christina DesMarais, PC World |  Personal Tech, electronics recycling

Apple offers gift cards for old Apple gear and gives 10% discounts on new iPod purchases when you recycle your old iPod.

Best Buy will take back nearly all consumer electronics gear advertising, "no matter where you bought it, we'll recycle it."

Canon runs several recycling programs online and with retail partners for its printer hardware, toner cartridge, and digital camera gear.

Dell's recycling program has 2000 physical drop-off recycle centers and runs a mail-back recycling program for print supplies and hardware.

Hewlett-Packard runs several recycling programs for print supplies, PC hardware, cellphones, batteries.

Samsung Electronics allows you to print a pre-paid postage label to send any old cellphone back to Samsung for recycling.

If you still are stuck trying to figure out where to recycle your gear the Environmental Protection Agency runs an electronics donation and recycling site that offers links to resources. The CEA, the consumer electronics trade association, also links to recyclers through it Green Gadgets website.

If your device still works, why not sell it? Plenty of websites buy used equipment or offer trade-up programs, including Amazon, Best Buy, BuyMyTronics, eBay, Ecosquid, Gazelle, and Glyde. And of course, there's always Craigslist.

The Gazelle site is typical of many buy-back sites. It helps you calculate what your old gear is worth along with sites such as WorthMonkey. But before recycling or donating your PC, make sure to remove any data from it.

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