Why Windows To Go is perfect for BYOD

The Windows To Go feature of Windows 8 Enterprise eliminates many of the concerns and headaches of allowing users to bring their own PCs.

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An additional benefit is that if any issues are encountered--like a malware infection of some sort--it is simple to just clone a new Windows To Go image and pretend it never happened.

There are some caveats. First, as mentioned above, Windows To Go is only available with Windows 8 Enterprise. Second, Windows To Go requires at least a 32GB USB flash drive, and is only compatible with specific makes and models supported by Microsoft.

There are some features and functions that are not available in Windows To Go--mostly as a means of keeping the virtual Windows 8 environment segregated from the underlying hardware and software on the PC. For example, the internal drives of the PC are disabled from within Windows To Go. The hibernation feature, Windows Recovery Environment, and Windows 8 App Store are also not available by default.

If you're already allowing users to bring their own PCs to work, or you're considering adopting a BYOD policy, you should look closely at what Windows To Go has to offer.

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