10 top creative tools and apps for the iPad

Apple’s tablet is tailor-made for touchscreen creativity – as are many iOS apps. Here are 10 of the most inspiring examples

By Rob Clymo, Macworld U.K. |  Software, ipad apps

While it's possible to create simple design layouts in an application like Apple's Pages, if you're on the lookout for a more potent way of producing vector-style graphics, then TouchDraw is an obvious choice. The app's interface offers up a range of great tools, while still leaving you plenty of breathing space for getting creative on-screen. Anyone who dabbles in illustration will see the appeal in an instant, and it's perfect for producing anything from graphics and logos through to flow charts and complex diagrams.

Once you've mastered the interface, it's then easy to produce libraries of your favourite creations so you can slowly build up a stockpile of your work, to be called upon as and when you need it. Completed works of art can also be exported in many of the usual standard file formats and worked on in other programs too. All in all then, if you have a graphic challenge ahead of you and want to stay mobile while you do it, Touch Draw is worthy of inspection.

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10. SketchBook Ink

£2.99, itun.es/i6Jk5wt

This might appear as something of a variation on a theme alongside Sketchbook Pro, but there are plenty of alternative options available here for keen fans of drawing freehand. It's actually a little simpler to operate, making it a sound investment if you don't want stacks of tools.

Nevertheless, there's plenty to keep you occupied even though there's a simplified tool set, including the ability to export finished images in a surprisingly high resolution, right up to 101.5 megapixels. That effectively means your crisp and clear artworks can then be printed out and hung up on your walls.

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