This Nao Robot can spell out any word, could get all A's in spelling

If spelling isn't your strong suit, be wary of this robot that can write out any word.

By Elizabeth Fish, TechHive |  Hardware, robotics, robots

You'll might remember the Nao robots as the smart little machines that brought us the Gangham Style dance a couple of months ago In addition to being fun to watch, the video also shows how flexible the Nao bots are when it comes to programming them. Now, it seems they can do more than just dance.

Franck Calzada programmed his Nao robot to not only understand voice commands, but also write out a word then verbally spell it out. It works a bit like a speech recognition program like Dragon Naturally Speaking, only more basic and involving a robot that reads the word back to you again.

The small robot asks for a pen, and then waits for you to tell it a word. It then slowly writes out the word, repeating each letter as it completes the strokes. Finally, it will pronounce the whole word, and give itself a bit of praise. Aww.

It's a nice effort, and I'd really like to see if it could spell a really long or complicated word, or understand silent letters. Also, if I was a teacher, while Nao would get full marks for spelling and paying attention, I'd mark it down for its handwriting.

[YouTube via Robots Dreams]

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