5 reasons to move to big data (and 1 reason why it won't be easy)

By Reda Chouffani, CIO |  Big Data, Analytics

In addition to buying the right software, recruiting the right talent ranks among the most important investments an organization can make in its big data initiative. Having the right people in place will ensure that the right questions are asked-and that the right insights are extracted from the data that's available. Keep in mind that data scientists, as many refer to those working with big data, are in short supply and are being quickly snapped up by top firms.

Every CIO wants to keep his finger on the pulse of innovations that can transform his company, enhance existing business models and identify potential revenue sources. Enabling this business transformation means adopting the right tools, hiring the right people and-most of all-convincing executive leadership to embrace new models for using existing and brand-new data.

A successful big data initiative, then, can require a significant cultural transformation that's driven by the IT department. Highlight these five advantages of pursuing a big data initiative, though, and your executives are more likely to give you the resources, and the talent, you need to rise to the challenge.

Reda Chouffani is a vice president at Biz Technology Solutions, which helps medium and large companies in the Southeastern United States deploy BI and EHR software as well as IT infrastructure.

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