2013: The year in numbers

How much is Evan Williams worth? What percentage of YouTube traffic is mobile? It's all right here

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14,000 - number of computers on which New York-based online gaming company E-Sports Entertainment was accused of installing secret bitcoin mining software. The company agreed to pay US$325,000 and submit to a 10-year compliance program as part of a settlement with the New Jersey attorney general's office.

60 million - amount of money, in U.S. dollars, Apple has spent so far pursuing a lawsuit against Samsung in California over smartphone patent infringement. The case is one of two in the state and one of several worldwide between the companies, so the total legal bill is much higher.

35 - number of years Chelsea Manning (born Bradley Manning) was sentenced to jail by a military court for leaking U.S. military and diplomatic secrets to Wikileaks. She is eligible for parole in eight years and had been facing up to 90 years in jail.

34,000 - number of jobs HP expects to have eliminated by the end of its current fiscal year, which ends next October, under a cost-cutting program started last May.

162 - minimum fine, in U.S. dollars, that San Diego resident Cecilia Abadie can expect to pay if convicted of driving while wearing Google Glass. The case, apparently the first in the U.S. to involve the technology, will go to court in January. Abadie was initially stopped for speeding and then accused of breaking state vehicle code 27602, which bans TVs and video screens in front of the driver.

41 - percentage of YouTube traffic that now comes from mobile phones and tablets. CEO Larry Page revealed the number in October and said the comparable figure from 2011 was just 6 percent.

25,000 - average data rate, in bits per second, of Nextel's iDEN cellular network, which was shut down at the end of June. The network was launched in 1996 and Sprint had been warning users for more than a year that it would be switched off. The Nextel name faded into obscurity with the network.

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