5 big data projects that could change your life

These real-world big data projects are already paying rewards.

By Jeff Vance, Network World |  Big Data, insider

Most over-hyped technology trends wear out their welcome pretty quickly, which should make skeptics among us wary about Big Data. However, while Big Data is being touted as the latest trend that will change the world, the skeptics aren't as, well, skeptical as they were about cloud and social.

That's probably because Big Data is generating real-world wins for the companies embracing it. Already, Big Data analytics is starting to fundamentally change such disparate disciplines as pharmaceutical research, sales and marketing, and product development.

Many use cases, such as smart cities and driverless cars, even get us excited about a Jetsons-like existence where the world around us seems to anticipate our needs. Those scenarios may be the future of Big Data, but they're not the "now" of Big Data.

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