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U.S. Navy Blue Angels
The Big Read
Image Credit: REUTERS/Anthony P. Bolante

The US Navy's warfare systems command just paid millions to stay on Windows XP

Windows XP and other obsolete systems remain critical to the Navy's operations.

Cram Session
Hyper-converged systems

Modernizing the enterprise data center

Hyper-converged systems have become the basic building blocks of the software defined data center, but they are anything but basic. Analysts estimate the current hyper-converged systems market is $500 million, and will grow quickly to tens of billions of dollars in the coming years.

This get-up-to-speed guide will help you understand what hyper-converged systems are all about, and the kind of value it can deliver to your business.

What's inside:

  • THE PLAYERS: Inside a quickly evolving market
  • KEY CONSIDERATIONS: Must-haves for your shopping list
  • IN PRACTICE: Bentleys, Great Plains Communications, Skullcandy boost performance, cut costs with hyper-converged systems
  • CHECKLIST: The first 5 questions you need to ask
  • WORDS OF WISDOM: Users and experts share lessons learned

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