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STEVE KOLODNEY, former CIO of the state of Washington, recently left a new private-sector be CIO of the state of Washington again.

This wild ride began last June 30, when Kolodney, 57, resigned after a four-year stint with the state. During that time, Kolodney headed up Washington's Y2K remediation effort and built the government's "Access Washington" website. The state twice won the Progress and Freedom Foundation's "Digital State Award" for innovative use of technology. But with these accomplishments under his belt, Kolodney wanted a change, so he accepted a private-sector position as executive director of the Center for Digital Technology, a government CIO organization affiliated with Government Technology magazine.

Yet after just two months, Kolodney found himself longing for Olympia again. He missed state government. "It became clear to me that I can make a bigger contribution from inside the arena than outside," Kolodney told Governing magazine, a monthly state and local government journal published by Congressional Quarterly Inc. As soon as Washington Gov. Gary Locke got word that Kolodney might welcome his old job back, he quickly made him an offer -- which Kolodney quickly accepted.

In the brief time Kolodney was gone, state employees got a 3 percent raise. So, he not only got his old job back, he got more money too.

Who says you can't go home again?

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