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Flexible Portable

Intermec Technologies has combined a passel of features into a portable device aimed at field workers. The Intermec 6651 Handheld PC offers the Windows CE 2.11 operating system in a clamshell-like handheld package that provides keyboard, pen and digital image input. In standard configuration, users can type on the attached keyboard. The unit's screen also folds backward, providing a suitable surface for pen input or signature capture. The 6651 also includes a built-in 350K-pixel digital camera for creating still images or short movie clips. An optional wireless network kit is also available. Pricing for the 6651 starts at $1,495. For more information, visit or call 425 348-2600.

Bill 'Em All

Time is money, especially if you work in a business with billable hours. TTo help companies track every moneyed minute, QuickArrow has announced Enterprise Consulting Suite 4.0, the latest update to the company's ASP-delivered professional services automation tools. The new version now supports international currency expense reporting, integration with Microsoft Project, support for fixed-price projects, a staffing wizard to identify and apply resources, the capability to download data for offline analysis and integration with a variety of accounting packages. Pricing for the hosted version of ECS 4.0 begins at $75 per seat per month. For more information, visit or call 512 381-0600.

Remember the Mainframe?

You don't hear much talk about mainframes these days, even if the world is still running on them. But Singlepoint Systems hasn't forgotten. The company has announced LegacyPoint, an event management tool that provides two-way communication between OS/390 systems and Hewlett-Packards' OpenView VantagePoint network management product. LegacyPoint can receive messages from the OS/390 system and then display them in the VantagePoint browser. LegacyPoint pricing will start at $15,000. For more information, visit or call 408 557-6500.

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