Manugistics to unveil Web business-to-business software

By Carol Sliwa, Computerworld |  Business

Manugistics Inc., a vendor of supply-chain planning tools in Rockville, Md.,
next week plans to announce Internet-based software that supports business-to-business
applications such as collaborative planning.

The new E-Chain line initially will include two packages: one for jointly
forecasting demand and then preparing production schedules and distribution plans, and
the other for doing online scheduling of deliveries to customers who are buying
products that are built as individual orders are received.

The joint planning software is aimed at companies in the retail and consumer goods
industries, and the online scheduling package is being geared to makers of electronic
devices and automotive supplies, said Manugistics CEO Gregory Owens in an interview

Manugistics, which has lost money in four straight quarters, plans to ship the E-
chain products in late June and hopes to have 50-plus installations by this time next
year, Owens said.

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