New directory forum pledges open standards |  Networking

Microsoft does support LDAP and so would likely support the open standards push for directories, forum representatives insisted. However, Microsoft historically hasn't been known as a strong and early supporter of open standards groups not initiated by Microsoft itself.

As for the question of Microsoft's whereabouts from a literal standpoint as the press conference was under way, the company was separately announcing the acquisition of Zoomit Corp., a provider of meta-directory products in Toronto. Microsoft plans to integrate Zoomit technologies with its Active Directory service in the Windows 2000 server operating system. Zoomit's technologies focus on data that manages identities of computer users, such as account information, access rights and passwords.

Terms of the acquisition weren't releaased in a written Microsoft statement. Microsoft did say it will enhance its Active Directory with support for applications and network services that don't store identity information in directories.

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